Liana Veda Fitness Booty Band

Liana Veda's PERFECT Booty Band

Why this band ?
LIANA VEDA spent months creating and designing the PERFECT Booty Band. Being a fan of intense, push you to your limit workouts; the same goes with her bands. She loves an extra heavy, push your limits bands as well but that is NOT always necessary for every workout, not always the most effective and most importantly, not always designed for everyone. But THIS band is for Women AND Men! All shapes and sizes; all fitness levels.

THIS FLEXIBLE band enables you to safely add moderate to heavy resistance to your lower body workout moves and routines without having to jump around switching band to band in the middle of your workout. And speaking of jumping... you can jump around but your band WON'T! This band has the essential NON SLIP grip on the inside to keep your band from moving out of place.

With this new band you are able to push yourself not only at the gym but also at home using no additional weights, ONLY the band.


BAG: Each band comes with its own drawstring, mesh bag for easy gym bag storage.

WON'T SLIP or ROLL: This band was designed with specific material and detail so that it works for everyone, without slipping or rolling.

SHAPE: The only thing that will be change shape is your body! After use this band will always return to its original shape and resistance.

MATERIAL - Special cotton/polyester blend, with rubber threading.
*note that material and size may vary depending on the color choice. This that is so each band can deliver the same resistance and fit not matter which material blend. Not all colors are able to be produced in the exact same material, so they were adjusted accordingly in order to be PERFECT.

SHAPING AND TONING: This band can also be used to shape and tone your hips, thighs, hamstrings and much more!

FLEXIBLE: This band has a great heavy resistance but is designed to also have great flexibility so that you can perform moves with a wider range of motion SAFELY.
You can also use this band to help with YOUR flexibility! Incorporate it as a tool to help you stretch after your workouts.

BURN MORE FAT: Exercising with this band will greatly increase the amount of fat you burn during each workout. Adding resistance will cause your muscles to work harder and burn more calories than ever before.

HIGH-QUALITY: This with be the BEST band you have ever owned!

WORKOUT ANYWHERE; You can use this band at the gym, at work, outdoors and at home ... ANYWHERE

TECHNIQUE: Improve technique and helps you build strength faster. Great for warm ups and adding resistance to your hip thrust, squats, and lunges.

Hand wash in cold water; lay flat to dry.
DO NOT place your band in the washer or dryer.

Liana Veda Fitness Booty Band

  • Hand wash in cold water; lay flat to dry DO NOT place your band in the washer or dryer