Say hello to the Liana Veda Booty Bands in collaboration with Tunnel Vision!

Perfect for both men and women! This flexible band enables you to safely add moderate to heavy resistance to almost all of your lower body workout moves and routines without having to jump around switching band to band in the middle of your workout. And speaking of jumping... YOU can jump around but your band WON'T! This band has the essential NON SLIP grip inside to keep your band from moving out of place.

Push yourself and your workouts not only at the gym but also at home using no additional weights, ONLY the band.

Be sure to grab my new BOOTY BOOKS as well, and will have lower body workouts for both home and gym incorporating this awesome band.

Liana Veda Fitness Booty Band

  • We are sold out! But you can pre-order and receive your band once it's back in stock!

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