LV Body Band Set!

LV Body Band Set ($60 value)




With LV Body Bands you never have to miss a workout again! Use your bands at home or even in the gym. LV Body Bands can be used to add more resistance to body weight exercises, replace weights even equipment when you can't make it into the gym, increase strength, and help you with your flexibility when used while stretching. Body Bands come in different levels so that EVERYONE can use them. No matter what your fitness level, there is a band for YOU.



Level 1 body band grey
Level 2 body band turquoise
Level 3 body band black


  • WON'T GET STICKY OR SNAP! Made from premium fabric, LV Body Bands are durable. They work amazingly in hotter climates; unlike rubber long bands these won't, snap, get gummy or pull your skin. They also won't stretch out. No more wasted money on rubber bands that break and need to be replaced.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: LV Body Bands are all you need for full-body training. Improve your mobility and strength. These bands are also wonderful for rehabilitation. You can use these bands to train any muscle group without having to use lots of heavy equipment.
  • TAKE THEM ANYWHERE : LV Body Bands are light weight and come in an adjustable mesh pouch. Perfect for travel or to keep in your gym bag.
  • GREAT FOR ANY FITNESS LEVEL: Different level bands provide you different levels of difficulty. The intensity of any on of the bands can also be increased simply by adjusting your grip or stance. Check out Liana's Body Band Guide for tips, tricks and workouts.
  • "HOW TO" INCLUDED: When you purchase any LV Band you gain access to a how to video. Liana will explain the best ways to safely and effectively use your bands.
  • BURN MORE FAT: Exercising with these bands will greatly increase the amount of fat you burn during each workout. Adding resistance will cause your muscles to work harder and burn more calories than ever before.
  • HIGH-QUALITY: These will be the BEST band you have ever owned!
  • TECHNIQUE: Improves technique and helps you build strength faster. Great for warm ups and adding resistance to any workout.

LV Body Band Set!

Color Levels
  • Hand wash in cold water; lay flat to dry DO NOT place your band in the washer or dryer