Home Guide Bundle

We are loving and appreciating Home Workouts now more than ever!


What if you don't have the equipment? What if you feel like you aren't sure of what to do ?

Have no fear! These guides have the information you need to get results using your just your body weight! They also include detailed tips and techniques to help you get the most effective workout.

Liana Veda's Travel Guide will help teach you how to use some easy to find props, and your body weight, to replace weights or equipment you would generally use in the gym. On days where you want to build up that BOOTY, use the BootyFit Home Workout Guide!

With this bundle, you also have access to BootyFit Home Workout videos to help you get the moves down!

Enjoy this 2 for 1 bundle and get ready for a great workout experience with Liana's help

Home Guide Bundle


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